Iā€‹t was an eerie sight, as the once vibrant Gotham city plunged into darkness with the tranquility of an abandoned war torn town.
Everything was black south of 23rd street to the Brooklyn Bridge except for the occasional sound of a siren,breaking 

the silence.
Over on the lower east side amongst the rubble, a couple strangers hovered over the heat coming from a fire burning in a rusty old oil drum. Just out of habit,  Toots started tapping a beat on the metal drum with an old lucky subway token he had kept for years... Diggady took over and a metallic groove echoed into the night. Inspired by the simplicity of the sound, Tony feeling the beat started laying down a cool funky rhythm. Eddie started to sing. His soulful voice penetrating the smokey air with a comforting presence of better things to come.. 
While Eddie sang, Tim began to play an old mandolin handed down by his Grandfather. His Irish roots created a sound like the Dixie boys from Printers alley picking a banjo. Toots added his rhythmic, poetic, lyrical flow and at that moment out of the ashes something magical happened that night! 

Did this really take place? Maybe? Maybe not? But one thing's for damn sure.

The Soho Rodeo is that inspirational story of a group of guys, who never gave up on their dream!

Toots Sweet  vocals, poet and percussion

Eddie Love  vocals, harmonica and percussion

Tony "Tee" Lewis  guitars and keyboards

Tim "the handy man" McMahon  mandolin, Banjo, and acoustic guitar

Dave "Diggidy" Halpern Drums, percussion and all things in time. ā€‹

Paul Alesi  Bass Guitar and subsonics.